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Community Service Program provides cadet-athletes with opportunities for personal development through service to others. The focus of the program is offer cadet-athletes hands on service learning opportunities. A central component of the program is the athletic depart community service registry, which requires coaches and cadet-athlete leaders to register and receive approval for community service projects and initiatives from the Cadet-Athlete Development Office. This registry and approval procedure ensures that initiatives are compliant with NCAA legislation, that the Institute’s cadet-athletes are offered diverse service experiences and allows the Cadet-Athlete Development Office to encourage the proliferation of service learning projects within the Institute’s NCAA athletic community. The Cadet-Athlete Development Office also works with SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) on planning their community service outreach, and to develop department wide community service projects open to all VMI cadet-athletes across all eighteen intercollegiate athletic teams.

Life Skills Program provides cadet-athletes with workshops on relevant issues that confront them in their daily lives or will confront them upon graduation. Topics for these workshops include financial literacy, sexual assault prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, recognizing depression, and career development. The life skills program partners with offices on post like the Career Center and Cadet Counselling Center and off post specialist to bring workshops to VMI cadet-athletes. Although some of the workshops are offer during the academic year, most life skills programming takes place during the summer months when the cadet-athletes on post for summer classes have time to explore these important topics. Participation in all life skills workshops is voluntary.

VMI Athletic Academic Honors Program is administered by the Cadet-Athlete Development Office. Its goal is to encourage VMI cadet-athletes to strive for superior achievement in the classroom by recognizing their outstanding academic accomplishments. The Cadet-Athlete Development Office is responsible for determining which cadet-athletes and intercollegiate teams meet the prescribed criteria for each honor, and in concert with the sports information office, publishing those honors to the post and community at large. A more detailed description of the VMI Athletic Academic Honors Program may be found here.