Getting to Know: Holiday Traditions of the Keydets, Vol. 4
Courtesy: Brad Salois
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Continuing a tradition now in its fourth year, Associate Athletic Communications Director Brad Salois caught up with three Keydets to get their thoughts on favorite holiday traditions that they share with those around them.

"I guess a little tradition my family has is that we always spend it with family. We always go to El Salvador to spend it with family from my mom's side and we always go to my uncle's farm. We also have our whole family over from my dad's side at my house and just celebrate. Christmas is a time of giving but also a time to spend it with your loved ones and there is no one closer then family." - Miguel Arrate, Men's Soccer

"An old tradition in my family is to go as a whole family (20-80 people) to mass. After mass we gather around the Christmas tree and one of my uncles calls out who the gift is for and who it is from. The following morning we would go to mass again then spend the day as a family eating traditional Filipino food and talking the day away." - Manny Bloch, Men's Swimming

"My favorite Christmas tradition is going to see Miracle on 34th Street. It's a street in Maryland that goes all out on Christmas decorations and sees who can be the most spirited. My family will go out to dinner before to get some Maryland crabs, and we sing carols all the way home. We watch Elf when we get home and make cookies." - Julianne Knoblett, Women's Soccer/Track and Field