Lacrosse Game versus Jacksonville Now Noon on Apr. 6
Courtesy: for VMI
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LEXINGTON, Va. -- With a busy day at Virginia Military Institute’s North Post, the men’s lacrosse team has moved up the start time for its April 6 game with Jacksonville University to Noon. The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference game was originally scheduled for 1 p.m.

Despite the time change, the game will still be contested at North Post Drill Field #2.

Parking for Games at Drill Field #2: Parking will be permitted at the Paulette Hall lot, Marshall Hall lot and Jordan’s Point lot. Fans parking at Jordan’s Point can enjoy a nice walk to the venue via Saunders Field Road or the Woods Creek Trail. Handicap parking will be available above the field, but require a handicap parking tag or hanger. At no time will vehicles without a handicap parking tag or hanger be permitted to drive on the trail above the field. Parking on Anderson Road or along Saunders Field Road will NOT be permitted, by order of the VMI Post Police.

Accessing Drill Field #2: Fans parking at Paulette Hall or Marshall Hall can access the field by a set or railroad tie stairs. We ask the fans walking along Drill Field #1 stay to the far left of the field, walking along the wall. There are multiple sets of bleachers available for the comfort of fans in attendance. Those parking at Jordan’s Point can either take the Woods Creek Trail, which will bring them above Drill Field #2, or by walking down to Paulette Hall and using the railroad tie stairs. Please stay the left of the red painted line on Drill Field #1.

Pets: Pets will NOT be allowed on any of the Drill Fields, but will be permitted along the Woods Creek Trail above the fields.

Drill Fields #1 and #3: We ask that fans please refrain from walking on either of the grass drill fields. Only Drill Field #1 will be permitted for access, and then only the left-hand side of the field to access the game field.