Catching Up With Keith Gabriel '12 - Part Two
Courtesy: for VMI
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Q: Tell us a little more about the culture? What do they serve for post-game food in Sweden?

The food that I eat on a regular basis are: Athena Pizza (Consists of Cheese, Mushrooms, Lamb also known as Kebab, and I like to add bacon!), and I invest in a lot of Hungry Jack microwaveables! I get a 12 pack of yogurt (strawberry) and vanilla ice cream sundaes. Also, I have found a new love in Exotic Fanta so I get 3 2-liter bottles and 1 2-liter apple juice and 2 2-liter Orange Juice. This is my grocery list every month that I go to the grocery store. I know, it definitely seems like a lot, but it goes very fast! Also, we have a restaurant at the top of our arena (see below for picture of arena) and we eat there Monday-Friday for lunch. Occasionally, I take 2nd and 3rd treys to eat for dinner. The only time that really happens is when they fix Swedish pancakes! I love those things! For pre-game meals, we usually eat pasta and rice with some type of sauce on it. For post-game, if it is a home game, I eat nothing other than pizza! The place that I get pizza from is called Hageby Grillen. The people in there knew me by name the second time I went there. I think it is safe to say that I have eaten there over 25 times. Every time I come in they recite my order, but some times I add things on my pizza just to mix them up and keep them honest, haha. The best food that I've had on the road has been when we played in Russia. We had steak, rice, and spaghetti for post game. It was delicious. The best thing that I will always remember about Samara, Russia will be its cheesecake. I had 4 slices!!

Q: Have you ever talked about VMI with anyone, any reaction, etc?

The only time I have a chance to talk about VMI is about the differences between the style of play and the different coaching styles. About 5 of my teammates have played college basketball, but none of them have any clue of what VMI is about and they would not give me any time to explain, haha. However, one of my teammates' friends graduated in the class of '05 from the Air Force Academy. He was here for a couple of days right before Christmas. I had no idea who he was, and neither did he know of me. After one of my games, we all went to get something to eat and he told me he graduated from Air Force. He instantly became like a best friend who you would have thought I've known for at least a decade. We talked about all the stories that we had and compared and contrasted the two schools. In conclusion, I told him how great VMI was and how difficult it was to get through and how easy Air Force was, haha. It was definitely great to talk to someone whom I have never met and talk like we've known each other for a while.

The final portion of the Keith Gabriel interview is currently scheduled to run Sunday.