Getting to Know: Baseball's Jordan Tarsovich
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Major: Business and Economics; minor in Writing and Leadership
First Baseball Memory/How You Got Involved in the Sport: After I first hit off a tee at my friend’s house, my dad bought me a bat and a tee the next day.
Talk about being hurt last year, having to miss so much time, the rehab/healing process, etc:  After working so hard preparing for the season to get to the point where I was, getting hurt so early and missing nearly the entire season was extremely difficult.  It was also tough watching a young team struggling from the bench, knowing you could have made a difference.  It’s a pretty helpless feeling not being able to practice and improve yourself as a player to help your team win ball games.  Prior to and after surgery, PT in the training room became my practice.  Despite the daily hours in the training room it was a humbling experience.  It made me realize how much I took playing the game every day for granted.  My advice is to play every day like it’s your last because you really never know what can happen.

Best Athletic Memory: Blocking a game winning field goal with 10 seconds left on the clock on senior day my sophomore year. The game went into overtime and we won on our first offensive series.

Why VMI: First, for baseball and the schedule we play.  After being recruited, I knew the coaching staff was great and I wanted to play and compete with nearly every team in Virginia.  I also wanted to have the opportunity to compete against programs such as Florida State, Coastal Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.  I also knew the academics were great, which would help prepare me for the working world after graduation.

Favorite VMI memory:
Playing two-time defending national champions University of South Carolina in last year's opening series in Columbia.

Goals for the upcoming season: First make, then win the Big South Tournament

Favorite movie/book and why: The movie "Hardball"

When you have an hour of free time, you like to...: Play pick-up basketball in Cocke Hall

What sporting venue would you most like to visit?
The Final Four

When surfing the Internet, what web site do you visit most frequently: Facebook

Favorite sport to watch (other than baseball): College Basketball
Favorite sports moment as a fan: When VCU made it to the final four in 2011

If someone would look at the songs I have, on my IPOD or computer, I’d be embarrassed for them to see I have this song:
Too many to say, I used to share an iTunes account with my sister.

If you could eat dinner with three other people, living or not, who would they be and why?
Pete Rose - Because I think he’s the toughest player to ever play the game.

Chipper Jones - Because he’s my favorite player.

Kevin Hart.