Getting to Know: Baseball's Campbell Henkel
Courtesy: for VMI
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Major: English with a Business minor

First Baseball Memory/How You Got Involved in the Sport:
My first baseball memory is dressing up in my Cal Ripken uniform and going to Orioles games with my family in the late 90's.  I got involved in the sport through my dad.  He coached my older brother's T-ball team so when I was 3-4, I began practicing with them and throwing with Pops in the backyard.  I picked up the sport easily.

Best Athletic Memory:
Throwing a perfect game against Benedictine Prep in high school.  Not only was it a big rivalry game, but it was held at Cal Ripken's RF&P Park in Glen Allen, VA to support the Glen Allen buddy ball program for handicapped children.  There was about 1000 people on hand that night, and it was just a great atmosphere for baseball.

Why VMI:

I chose VMI for a couple reasons.  1. I was somewhat frustrated with the recruiting process as it was, but when I came on my visit to VMI, I realized how honest and true Coach Ike/Hadge are to their players.  It was a great vibe to get from college coaches.  2. The alumni connection is second to none. 

Favorite VMI memory:
Ring Figure.  The sense of accomplishment coupled with some extracurricular activities with my Brother Rats of the class of 2014 made for one heck of a weekend.

Goals for the upcoming season:
Exceed all expectations and win the Big South.

Favorite movie/book and why:

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight Rises, because Christian Bale vs Tom Hardy is a great acting rivalry, along with Chris Nolan's story line...unbelievable film.

Favorite Book: Life from the End of the Bench, an autobiography by former Wake Forest basketball player Alan Williams gives his accounts of prime time Division 1 basketball from an alternative role: the bench.

When you have an hour of free time, you like to...:
Read about sports or write.

What sporting venue would you most like to visit?
NCAA Final Four, venue doesn't matter, but the pageantry of March Madness is awesome.

When surfing the Internet, what web site do you visit most frequently:
ESPN or Twitter

Favorite sport to watch (other than baseball):
NCAA basketball

Favorite sports moment as a fan:

Being a Wake Forest fan all my life because of my dad, watching them win the ACC football championship behind the inspiring story of team captain and linebacker Jon Abbate (movie about his story called The 5th Quarter).

If someone would look at the songs I have, on my IPOD or computer, I’d be embarrassed for them to see I have this song:
I have the Mamma Mia soundtrack on my computer, but I promise its because it's my Mom's favorite movie.

If you could eat dinner with three other people, living or not, who would they be and why?
Sandy Koufax: arguably the best southpaw of all time (at least for my dad and me).  I'd love to pick his mind about pitching

Joe Ehrmann: I've met Mr. Ehmann a couple times, but I admire his work as a coach at the Gilman School in Maryland, as he uses football and faith to "build men for others".

My Dad: not everyone gets to have a meal with their role model, and even though I see him regularly, I'll never pass up a meal with my ol' man.