Garcia Takes Third, Adams Sixth at Wolfpack Open

RALEIGH, N.C. – Coming off of a fourth-place finish at last season’s Southern Conference championships, sophomore 197-pounder Urayoan Garcia claimed a third-place finish at the 2012 Wolfpack Open, hosted by North Carolina State University Sunday afternoon. The Virginia Military Institute grappler finished 3-1 on the weekend.

Garcia was not the only Keydet to earn a place finish at the Open, as he was joined by junior heavyweight Juan Adams, who took sixth place at the tournament, his second consecutive weekend with a place finish after logging sixth place last week at the Hokie Open.

The Keydets enjoyed a highly successful weekend, winning 24 of their matches during the Wolfpack Open. Not only did the Keydets pile up the wins, but the team had a solid look at several Southern Conference opponents, notching 12 victories over SoCon foes.

Garcia opened the tournament with a pin, sticking King College’s Cody Davis on his back in 4:51. In the next round, the Keydet edged out SoCon foe Jared Johnson of UT Chattanooga with a 9-8 win. Garcia was pinned in the semifinals by Old Dominion University’s Kevin Beazley, but picked up a medical forfeit in the third-place bout by West Virginia University’s AJ Vizarrondo to reach the podium.

After a bye in the first round, Adams, who improved to 8-4 on the young season with this weekend’s results, was pinned in the second round by Utah Valley University’s Adam Fager. Adams bounced back however, pinning his next two opponents, Davidson College’s Jordan Owenby and Matthew Torain, who wrestled unattached from any school. Adam’s won his first two wrestleback matches in just over five minutes of work, sticking Owenby in 4:19 and Torain in just 54 seconds.

In the quarterfinals, Adams blanked West Virginia’s Phil Mandzik 3-0, followed by a gutsy 8-6 sudden victory over Virginia Tech’s Ty Walz in the wrestleback semifinals. In the fifth place bout, Adams was edged 3-1 by Virginia Tech grappler Chris Penny.

At 174-pounds, sophomore Carry Joseph picked up another three victories, opening the event with an 11-3 major decision against Davidson’s Ian Solcz. Joseph fell to West Virginia’s Brutus Scheffel in the second round, but rebounded with an 11-4 victory over teammate Derek Thurman, who wrestled unattached for VMI at the Open.

In the wrestleback second round, Joseph picked up his second major decision of the tournament, besting King College’s Roy Daniels 12-4. However, Joseph’s afternoon came to an end in the wrestleback quarterfinals after University of Virginia’s Vincent Waldenhauser pinned the Keydet in 1:32.

VMI will enjoy a week off before its next schedule competition on Sunday, Nov. 18 when action heads north to Philadelphia, Pa. The Keydets will take part in the 2012 Keystone Classic, hosted by University of Pennsylvania at the historic Palestra. Matches will begin at 10 a.m.

First Round: Armando Herrera (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Armando Herrera (VMI) MAJ DEC Mike Bolash (West Virginia) 8-0
Quarterfinals: Buddy Scarborough (Old Dominion) MAJ DEC Armando Herrera (VMI) 14-6
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: William Mason (Virginia) MAJ DEC Armando Herrera (VMI) 17-4 

First Round: Andy Pitts (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Andy Pitts (VMI) DEC Andre Nie (Appalachian State) 2-1
Quarterfinals: Nathan Kraisser (North Carolina) WBF Andy Pitts (VMI) 0:21
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: Matt Peters (Virginia Tech) WBF Andy Pitts (VMI) 0:56

First Round: Zach Watson (Virginia) WBF Brandon Goodwyn (VMI) 3:16
Wrestleback First Round: Joseph Martinez (Unattached) WBF Brandon Goodwyn (VMI) 1:26

First Round: Andriy Onufriyenko (VMI) DEC Matt Zarth (Davidson) 6-0
Second Round: Andriy Onufriyenko (VMI) WBF Michael Gowen (Virginia Tech) 4:11
Quarterfinals: Jake Smith (Appalachian State) DEC Andriy Onufriyenko (VMI) 6-2
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: Joseph Martinez (Unattached) DEC Andriy Onufriyenko (VMI) 9-2

First Round: Ryan Goodsell (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Tyler Hunt (NC State) DEC Ryan Goodsell (VMI) 8-4
Wrestleback Second Round: Ryan Goodsell (VMI) MAJ DEC Sejiro Littleton (Davidson) 17-7
Wrestleback Third Round: Derrick Evanovich (Maryland) DEC Ryan Goodsell (VMI) 6-3

First Round: Emmitt Kelly (VMI) MAJ DEC Sejiro Littleton (Davidson) 9-0
Second Round: Jordan Tolbert (Campbell) DEC Emmitt Kelly (VMI) 9-3
Wrestleback Second Round: Emmitt Kelly (VMI) MAJ DEC Adrian Thomas (Chattanooga) 14-2
Wrestleback Third Round: Avery Garner (Utah Valley) WBF Emmitt Kelly (VMI) 1:30

First Round: Zeb Stewart (VMI) DEC Derek Golner (North Carolina) 5-2
Second Round: Gus Sako (Virginia) MAJ DEC Zeb Stewart (VMI) 13-2
Wrestleback Second Round: Grant Blumenthal (Campbell) DEC Zeb Stewart (VMI) 6-3

First Round: Ted Gottwald (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Deshawn Utley (Unattached Dynamic) DEC Ted Gottwald (VMI) 8-7
Wrestleback First Round: Ted Gottwald (VMI) DEC Cole Dodd (Chattanooga) 5-3
Wrestleback Second Round: Ted Gottwald (VMI) WBF Dan Hagemann (Davidson) 4:14
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: Austin Trott (Gardner-Webb) TECH FALL Ted Gottwald (VMI) (15-0)

First Round: Mark Darr (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Corey Mock (North Carolina) WBF Mark Darr (VMI) 5:38
Wrestleback Second Round: Mark Darr (VMI) MAJ DEC Van Grimes (VMI) 9-0
Wrestleback Wrestleback Third Round: Mark Darr (VMI) DEC Michael Wright (Duke) 8-1
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: John Micha Staudenmyer (North Carolina) TECH FALL Mark Darr (VMI) 17-1

First Round: Nijel Jones (NC State) WBF Van Grimes (VMI) 2:18
Wrestleback First Round: Van Grimes (VMI) MAJ DEC Josh Burns (Gardner-Webb) 9-0
Wrestleback Second Round: Mark Darr (VMI) MAJ DEC Van Grimes (VMI) 9-0

First Round: Brian Dorsey (Duke) WBF Michael Logan (VMI) 1:30
Wrestleback First Round: Michael Logan (VMI) BYE
Wrestleback Second Round: Ross Renzi (West Virginia) MAJ DEC Michael Logan (VMI) 16-7

First Round: Monte Schmalhaus (Utah Valley) DEC John Dommert (VMI) 5-2
Wrestleback First Round: John Dommert (VMI) DEC Hunder Gamble (Gardner-Webb) 4-2
Wrestleback Second Round: Huston Evans (Virginia Tech) MAJ DEC John Dommert (VMI) 9-1

First Round: Carry Joseph (VMI) MAJ DEC Ian Solcz (Davidson) 11-3
Second Round: Brutus Scheffel (West Virginia) SV-1 Carry Joseph (VMI) 17-7
Wrestleback First Round: Carry Joseph (VMI) DEC Derek Thurman (VMI-Unattached) 11-4
Wrestleback Second Round: Carry Joseph (VMI) MAJ DEC Roy Daniels (King College (Tenn.)) 12-4
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: Vincent Waldenhauser (Virginia) WBF Carry Joseph (VMI) 1:32

First Round: Urayoan Garcia (VMI) WBF Cody Davis (King College (Tenn.)) 4:51
Quarterfinals: Urayoan Garcia (VMI) DEC Jared Johnson (Chattanooga) 9-8
Semifinals: Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion) WBF Urayoan Garcia (VMI) 0:59
Third-Place Bout: Urayoan Garcia (VMI) MED FORFEIT AJ Vizarrondo (West Virginia)

First Round: Juan Adams (VMI) BYE
Second Round: Adam Fager (Utah Valley) WBF Juan Adams (VMI) 3:39
Wrestleback First Round: Juan Adams (VMI) WBF Jordan Owenby (Davidson) 4:19
Wrestleback Second Round: Juan Adams (VMI) WBF Matthew Torain (Unattached) 0:54
Wrestleback Quarterfinals: Juan Adams (VMI) DEC Phil Mandzik (West Virginia) 3-0
Wrestleback Semifinals: Juan Adams (VMI) SV-1 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) 8-6
Fifth-Place Bout: Chris Penny (Virginia Tech) DEC Juan Adams (VMI) 3-1