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Cameron Hall, the 5,800 seat multi-purpose facility, is the home of VMI basketball and the VMI athletic department offices. It also plays host to numerous special events throughout the year. Located in the basement level of Cameron Hall are the athletic department library, a reception area and five racquetball courts which are open to all cadets.

The most recent improvement to Cameron Hall was made in October of 2007, due to generous contributions from Mr. Ralph Costen, VMI Class of '70. Mr. Costen's donations helped VMI install a new wooden floor in Cameron Hall, and marked the replacement for the old floor, which had been put in nearly a decade prior.

In the summer of 1995, Cameron Hall received its most extensive facelift since its opening in 1981. Virtually every inch of floor and wall space underwent renovation.

The arena interior was entirely repainted with walls, portals, railings, and basket supports sporting fresh paint in a new and exciting color scheme.

The VMI locker rooms and lounge area were completely renovated. New lockers and carpeting were installed, and the locker room walls received a fresh coat of paint. The new surroundings provide a comfortable and attractive home for Keydet basketball teams in the future.

In 1999-2000, the VMI Basketball "Wall of Fame" was unveiled on the mezzanine level corridor. The photographic display pays tribute to the VMI basketball players who have been inducted into the VMI Sports Hall of Fame.

With the recent improvements, Cameron Hall provides a beautiful and well-maintained facility for Keydet basketball throughout the 90's and into the next century.

VMI Records at Cameron Hall - Year-by-Year
1981-82: 1-9
82-83: 2-14
83-84: 7-7
84-85: 12-5
85-86: 9-6
86-87: 9-5
87-88: 8-6
88-89: 9-4
89-90: 11-1
90-91: 6-5
91-92: 6-7
92-93: 3-8
93-94: 4-9
94-95: 8-5
95-96: 12-1
96-97: 7-5
97-98: 9-4
98-99: 8-5
99-00: 5-9
00-01: 7-6
01-02: 7-5
02-03: 5-7
03-04: 6-6
04-05: 6-7
05-06: 5-9
06-07: 8-5
07-08: 8-6

08-09: 13-3