Charles S. Luck '20 Weight Room 

VMI prides itself on providing the student-athlete with the tools to improve oneself not just intellectually, but physically.

The ability to help every Keydet athlete player reach his maximum athletic potential has been itself brought to a new level in 1995 and 2001 with a massive renovation and refurbishing of the Charles S. Luck ’20 Memorial Weight Room, housed in Cocke Hall.

With over 7,000 square feet of space, the Luck Weight Room now contains over 15,000 pounds of free weights and 2,000 pounds of dumbbell weights.

Over 70 pieces of free weight training equipment are available for the use of the student-athlete, and over 40 separate pieces of resistive training machine-type equipment.

Among the key acquisitions of the recent renovations were the addition and enlargement of the dumbbell training area, which almost tripled in size and now contains weights ranging from five to 140 pounds. Auto-spot benches were installed, among the newest and safest pieces of weight training equipment available on the market. New Olympic platforms were installed, with increased cushioning and padding for the weights. Four heavy-duty power racks, weighing 400 pounds each, were installed, and a number of back, leg, and neck machines were installed to complement existing equipment.

Finally, the entire area was recarpeted and repainted to provide athletes with comfortable surroundings in which to weight train.

“For a college setting, it’s probably one of the most functional settings I’ve ever been in,” said Dr. James Coale, VMI’s Strength & Conditioning Coach about the new renovated weight room. “We went with top-of-the-line equipment across the board, and did not limit ourselves.”

Funding for the weight room refurbishing was provided through the generousity of Charles S. Luck, III ’55, who was responsible for the establishment of the original Charles S. Luck ’20 Memorial Weight Room back in 1978. The original weight room was approximately 3,000 square feet, and was expanded to its current size in 1983.

The renovated weight room is but one of the many athletic facilities available to athletes and cadets.