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Athletic Academic Advising
Release: 12/30/2007

Athletic Academic Advising


The mission of the Office of Athletic Academic Advising is to ensure that VMI cadet athletes experience a balanced program in which they excel athletically and academically. We provide mentoring, counseling, advising, academic assistance to athletes, and support for departmental academic advisors. We also serve as a liaison between coaches and the faculty.

Our goal is to provide
· academic support for all NCAA athletes
· mentoring, counseling and advising
· grade Review
· a liaison between you and the athletic director, team coaches, and departmental faculty advisors
· assistance in the recruitment of quality athletes

Academic Support

The Academic Advising Office provides academic support to all NCAA athletes in a variety of functions. Our office assists athletes with the identification of individual career goals and the selection of an academic major. When choosing an academic major, consideration is given to the athlete's high school preparation for college level workloads. Our office also maintains the tutoring program, which provides individual tutors to those cadets who are in need of more personal assistance in their course work. Study halls for marginal students can be arranged. A laptop computer loan program is available for athletes to use while traveling with their respective teams.

Mentoring and Advising Cadets

The Academic Advising Office is staffed from 9-3:00 PM daily and will be open later hours if a cadet needs assistance outside of normal hours. In order to facilitate the goal of mentoring and advising cadets, our staff is available to provide a "listening ear" for those cadets who are facing being away from home for the first time, adjusting to a new life in a military system, or facing the concern of continued progress toward degree completion and successful employment upon graduation. The advising office readily refers cadets to the many services available to them for support in these areas.

Oversight of Grades

In order to provide oversight of athlete grades, the Academic Advising Office reviews grades for athletes at the end of every grading period. If an athlete is in jeopardy or needs tutoring, those arrangements are made. At this point, athletes are directed to additional resources to resolve their academic deficiencies. We will often recommend a visit to the academic advisor, the Miller Learning Center, or the VMI Counseling Office.


The job of facilitating communications between the athletic director, coaches, and the faculty advisor is crucial to the overall success of a cadet athlete at VMI. All of these individuals are interested in the academic success of cadets. The goal is to keep them moving progressively toward their degree requirements while staying eligible to play their respective sports under NCAA rules.


Finally, we enthusiastically assist the athletic department in the recruitment of prospective athletes. After the academic year begins, the coaches begin the process of bringing prospective athletes to post for official visits. A visit to the Academic Advising Office is usually a part of every prospective athlete's itinerary. We are happy to share information about academics at VMI and how our office will be able to assist you in your pursuit of a VMI diploma.

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