Athletics - 2016-17 Staff Directory Coaches/Sports Staff
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Abdullah, Karim Coordinator of Athletic Multimedia 540-464-7990 eMail Karim Abdullah
Bachman, Corey Assistant A.D. for Tickets and Marketing 540-464-7266 eMail Corey Bachman
Beasley, Jamie Assistant Director of Academic Services and Compliance 540-464-7379 eMail Jamie Beasley
Bergmann, Chris Head Women's Soccer Coach 540-464-7608 eMail Chris Bergmann
Birsner, Jon Head Lacrosse Coach 540-464-7512 eMail Jon Birsner
Bither, Lt. Col. Bill Head Rifle Coach 540-464-7075 eMail Lt. Col. Bill Bither
Bonelli, Michael Head Men's Soccer Coach 540-464-7610 eMail Michael Bonelli
Branner, Wade Associate A.D. for Athletic Communications 540-464-7515 eMail Wade Branner
Brown, Lenny Assistant A.D. for Facilities and Compliance 540-464-7444 eMail Lenny Brown
Bruck, Korey Assistant A.D. for Academic Services and Compliance 540-464-7722 eMail Korey Bruck
Copeland, Dr. David Post Physician 540-464-7218
Crance, Jenny Family Nurse Practitioner - VMI Infirmary (Sports Medicine) 540-464-7218 eMail Jenny Crance
Diles, Dave Athletic Director 540-464-7251 eMail Dave Diles
Earl, Dan Head Basketball Coach 540-464-7526 eMail Dan Earl
Eddy, Ryan Assistant Athletic Trainer 540-464-7310 eMail Ryan Eddy
Forman, Dave Director of Strength and Conditioning/Head Football Strength Coach 540-464-7519 eMail Dave Forman
Fujiwara, Lance Associate A.D./Sports Medicine (BKB) 540-464-7310 eMail Lance Fujiwara
Hadra, Jonathan Head Baseball Coach 540-464-7601 eMail Jonathan Hadra
Hemphill, Dr. Ted Basketball Team Physician/Orthopedic Surgeon 540-463-2103
Henning, Dr. George D. Team Physician/Orthopedic Surgeon 540-776-0200
Hodges, COL Tim Faculty Athletic Chairman eMail COL Tim Hodges
Hutchings, Col. Eric Deputy Athletic Director 540-464-7307 eMail Col. Eric Hutchings
John, Dr. Christopher Team Physician/Orthopedic Surgeon 540-776-0200
Johnson, Karen Assistant AD for Finance and Administration 540-464-7699 eMail Karen Johnson
Killingsworth, Klay Director of Athletics Equipment Services
Lawson, Dave Sports Performance Director - Olympic Sports 540-464-7951 eMail Dave Lawson
Ludtke, Dr. Drew Head Cross Country Coach 540-464-7613 eMail Dr. Drew Ludtke
Masdon, Hillary Assistant Athletic Trainer
Miller, Dr. Thomas Team Physician/Orthopedic Surgeon 540-776-0200
Pagnotta, Alexandra Seasonal Athletic Trainer 540-464-7310 eMail Alexandra Pagnotta
Payne, Jennifer Seasonal Athletic Trainer 540-464-7310 eMail Jennifer Payne
Pryor, Ryan Head Women's Water Polo Coach 540-464-7430 eMail Ryan Pryor
Salois, Brad Associate Athletic Communications Director (BB, S&D, T&F, XC, WSOC, S-Dary BKB/FB) 540-464-7015 eMail Brad Salois
Severns, Jamie Associate Director of Athletics for External Relations 540-464-7529 eMail Jamie Severns
Skretkowicz, Chris Head Wrestling Coach 540-464-7059 eMail Chris Skretkowicz
Wachenheim, Scott Head Football Coach 540-464-7517 eMail Scott Wachenheim
Webb, Darrin Director of Track and Field/Cross Country 540-464-7060 eMail Darrin Webb
Whitehead, Daniel Assistant Athletic Communications Director (LAX, RIFLE, WPOLO, MSOC, WRES) 540-464-7514 eMail Daniel Whitehead

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